Software Modules

ID-Asset Track modules

The ID-Asset Track (IDAT) software is available in various modules, allowing for scalability, affordability and the opportunity to tailor-make solutions in line with business requirements. Functionality can be added to once the base module is in place.
The IDAT system is rule-based and event-driven, which allows for even greater specification as clients decide which instructions to apply within each specific module.

Module prices vary according to the number of asset tags ordered.
Current modules available for pricing:

1. Asset Monitoring Module
This is the primary building block of any ID-Asset Track solution and is a pre-requisite before any other module can be installed. The base functionality monitors tagged assets as they move through control points, recording direction and time of movement. This non-obtrusive solution provides an accurate register of asset movement. Triggers, known as events, can be configured to give a programmed response to a specific tag.

2. Live Activity Module
Displays real time, live activity associated with the system, and pushes this information through to any web-based browser (local or off-site) connected to the server. The information displayed can be customized according to viewing preferences.

3. Security Module
To prevent the illegal movement of assets, tagged assets are assigned to authorized users. This module interfaces with access control or biometric data to ensure that the asset is moving with the authorized user. Any unauthorized asset movement triggers an alarm event, locks the access control point, and alerts the appropriate security personnel. Once the alarm has been accepted, the access control point will return to its normal state. The sequence of events is logged in the ID-Asset Track database with reporting available for analysis and investigation.

4. CCTV Module
This module visually records the movement of tagged assets by integrating the ID-Asset Track software into an existing CCTV system. Information is stored on the ID-Asset track server which runs independently to the existing CCTV database. It stores video footage of any asset movement (whether valid or unauthorized) to the ID-Asset Track server for review. Instead of filtering through hours’ worth of CCTV footage, the asset in question can quickly be pin-pointed to see what happened and who was involved. 

5. Mobile Reader Module
Ideal for asset management, this module utilizes a portable mobile reader to track assets locally via wifi or remotely via GSM. It allows for a mobile device to be connected directly to the IDAT system.

6. Notification Module
This module sends pre-defined notifications of asset movements to a selected device via sms or email. 

7. Remote Support Module
An add-on to any existing module, the Remote Support Module allows for remote support for software updates. The user is able to access their site remotely or publish the site to authorized personnel via the Internet.
*A compulsory module if you’ve added software assurance onto your ID-Asset Track software package.

8. GPS Module
Our GPS module links a device to movable assets for geographic asset tracking. This makes it possible to monitor your assets from any point at any time.

With the use of the latest technologies, software is both innovative as well as user-friendly. Deploying the system initially as a mobile asset tracking system for high value assets, and then migrating to include fixed assets management makes good business sense for most companies.

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